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RML Films is in the process of making a series of spoof documentaries….

Or for want of a better word - Mockumentaries!. The first one wrapped in Belfast on the 24th of October over a two day shoot in a house, an arts centre and a gym with two Octagons being the centre stage for Danny Johsnon - Journey of an MMA Fighter.

The first mockumentary in this series focuses on the ambitions of fridge freezer salesman, Danny, who has invited a film crew to follow his journey on becoming the next big MMA sensation to come out of Ireland. He quits his job to an unimpressed boss in front of the camera crew, making it clear that MMA will now be his new life instead of selling fridge freezers. However, It's soon revealed that he has absolutely no experience in fighting when it comes sparring with world champ Gary, revealing that the only knowledge Danny has of any form of fighting is from studying fights - online. Danny is determined to prove everyone wrong when he trains with his strength trainer, Viktor – an impressively built man whom he met online and knows no English, though the pair have a tight bond nonetheless with Viktor having every confidence in him to succeed – as does Danny's beautiful Russian girlfriend, Anastasia. With a baffled film crew, they continue to film him right through to fight night.

Cast include Timothy Fergusson as Danny, Alex Oros (strength trainer) Garth Kidd (sparring partner) Andrea Coyne (interviewer) Oksana Lobanova (girlfriend) Joe McKinney (boss) and Rita-Marie Lawlor (narrator)

The second in the series will be focusing on: Curtis Le Roux - Journey of a Cabaret Singer, with plans to also film in Belfast in early 2019.


2018 - (so far) New business venture, Ken Loach and Graham Linehan at the Belfast Film Festival, a film premier and a mock/documentary - pretty much in that order!.

It was a huge honour to head to this years Belfast film festival where I attended an audience with Ken Loach and Graham Linehan (on two different nights, now) to interact and hear about the remarkable achievements of both men was a mind blowing experience to say the least. I got the lucky chance to personally meet Ken Loach, have a chat and to also give him copies of my work (the utter cheek, Lawlor!) But hey, I learn from the best ;-)

I also set up my new photography and video business at where I specialise in sports, fashion, music and to be honest - the opening of an envelope!. I am available for hire for actors headshots, self taping and general BTS on TV/Film shoots - get snoopin’ on my page on Instagram too folks (no really, please do) over at

Des and Peggy got a good write up along with my mugshot in the Ballyfermot Echo and also covered by the Dublin Gazette - thanks a mil folks! The film recently premiered at this years Indie Cork Film Festival.

Danny Johnson - Journey of an MMA Fighter recently wrapped in Belfast (yes, I am falling in love with that place) it was an AMAZING shoot with incredible people and we managed to shoot it in two days. Editing will commence early November and hopefully a 2019 release with a series of others to follow :)

Here is my Youtube Channel with a selection of short films and trailers for newbies! do feel free to subscribe.

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Early start filming at a Ballyfermot bus stop!.

Des and Peggy was filmed on July 30th at a bus stop in Ballyfermot West Dublin in just eight hours. With a 4:30am start (well, 2am for me!) we began shooting at 5am and wrapped up at almost 1pm. The film's main actors are Tommy O'Neill and Michele Burton. Release date early November - and hopefully will embark on a journey on the festival circuit. Film Ireland article here: (may have to copy and paste into browser) 


The Last Show on another new journey...

The Last Show premiered on Amazon Prime in Japan, USA, Austria, Germany and the UK on June 14th 2017. It is now currently available on Vimeo and Youtube all over the world. So please check it out and support indie cinema! Onwards and upwards :) 


This Bus Stop - re-titled -  Des and Peggy

Currently underway with prep for August 2017. Des and Peggy is a short film which primarily focuses on two people coming together through bereavement and loneliness while meeting at a bus stop. Des is a middle aged man who finds comfort in sitting in the bus shelter talking to people, as he has no one else to talk to until he meets a like minded soul, Peggy. Cast in the role of Des is Tommy O'Neill from RTÉ's Fair City and Michele Burton is set to play Peggy. Other cast members include Robbie Kane, Andrea Coyne, Callan Cummins, Dean Sherlock, Tom Creevy, and some more to be cast!.

While sticking to the script, I also aim to shoot a lot of random conversations through improv. Actors applying would need to keep this in mind and can send their CV / headshot and showreel to Shooting will take place at a bus stop in Ballyfermot West Dublin - from 5am on Sunday August 20th.


Cannes Film Festival 17th - 28th of May 2017.

Sales/distribution and representative agent for The Last Show  - Adler & Associates Entertainment,  will be including the film to be part of their exhibition at this years Cannes Film Festival.  It is very exciting and wonderful to have such an opportunity, and to see what other journeys this film will go on. 


2017 kicks off in style!...

I was very happy to be selected to attend the Martin Scorsese Masterclass in Dublin, wonderfully hosted by the Irish Film and Television Academy. I am a lifelong fan of Martin's work and it was a joy to be in attendance and listen to the master of his craft speak about his passions on filmmaking in his sharp, authentic charismatic wit. A true gent and a true genius. 

Also extremely delighted to announce that Six Pack and Crack was selected to screen at the Belfast film festival in early April and will also screen May 8th on RTÉ Shortscreen - five past midnight!. 


Very exciting news to round off 2016 with feature film The Last Show. 

Well, I am very pleased to finally announce that The Last Show has been picked up by American sales/distribution company Adler & Associates Entertainment. The film will now embark on a new journey as it takes to the world stage as part of their global film market. My twentieth year in this crazy business I have finally landed a film deal. Hard work and self belief really do pay off. We managed to shoot The Last Show in just eight and a half extremely long days on a budget of just €4,000 and we all lived together in the house whilst shooting.

It was a mind blowing experience and one I will never forget. I was extremely lucky to have worked with such a wonderful cast and crew. So, early next year folks – and for many years to follow - please keep your eyes out for it on Netflix, VOD, and where ever you are in the world – your TV screens!. Not a bad end to 2016. Now this, is what it's all about.

You will find more info on this news by clicking on The Last Show page on here.


2016 has been a good year for festivals - and not done yet!.

Six Pack & Crack was selected to screen at The Richard Harris Film festival, the Waterford film festival, Los Angeles Cinefest, Cutting Edge Film Festival and the Underground Festival 2016. The Last Show and Six Pack & Crack were both screened at the 7th Underground Cinema Film Festival. Both receiving very positive feedback with leading actress Andrea Coyne being nominated for best actress for her performance in Six Pack & Crack, and Patricia Fitzpatrick was nominated for best supporting actress for the same film at the festival.


A "pinch the arm" kinda thing!.

It gives me great joy to write this. My all time favourite TV/Film writer Jimmy McGovern is extremely supportive of the work I have done. Jimmy is the writer of the amazing TV series Cracker starring Robbie Coltraine which won two Edgar awards, and also has credits such as The Street, and Accused  which he won Emmy International Awards along with a BAFTA. Other credits are Hillsborough and The Lakes which were both critically acclaimed. Jimmy has spoken highly of three particular films: Remember Me? The Last Show and Six Pack & Crack. I met Jimmy at a writing seminar in Galway in August 2014 and it's wonderful that we have kept in touch. It is indeed, an overwhelming feeling when someone I've been a fan of since my early teens is now watching and liking what I do. A huge shout out and thank you to the genius that is, Jimmy McGovern.  

"A wonderful film and a wonderful filmmaker" ~ Jimmy McGovern - The Last Show.


So far so good...

2016 has been a productive year, In February Six Pack & Crack was filmed in just two days in Kilcoole Co. Wicklow. It was a brilliant shoot with a top bunch of talented folk and it's now it the edit. The Last Show has been selected for the Miami Indie Film Festival as part of their monthly awards at MINDIE - It is part of the April edition, it was also recently selected for the Unrestricted View Film Festival in London. New short script This Bus Stop will be filmed in 2017. and feature script Butterfly has been entered into the Cannes Screenplay Competition. 


A world premier, a film on national TV and a script competition finalist - yes - in that order!.

2015 saw The Last Show make it's premier at the Indie Cork Film Festival on October 8th, it was a wonderful experience and was great to be part of it. Remember Me? was selected to be shown on RTÉ Shortscreen and also on the RTÉ Player International. Six Pack & Crack reached the finals of the Waterford Screenplay competition and put into prep.

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