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I am very pleased to announce that The Last Show has been picked up by American sales/distribution company Adler & Associates Entertainment. The film will now embark on a new journey as it takes to the world stage as part of their global film market.  Please  do keep a watch out on Netflix, VOD, and where ever you are in the world – your TV screens!. 



Adler & Associates Entertainment is an innovative, powerhouse media company specializing in international and foreign content. Globally known as a true indie entertainment services company, with an emphasis on production, acquisitions, distribution and consulting around the world.


A&AE has become a major contender in the global market by utilizing its vast network of elite professionals and building long-lasting, premium relationships with industry leaders such as Fox, Sony, Starz, Anchor Bay, Netflix and all Amazon Prime divisions. By leveraging its “lean, mean and green” business model, A&AE is also one of the few companies throughout the media industry that still offer minimum guarantees.

Indie Filmmakers

The endless waves of innovation in digital technology have leveled the playing field in the film business in a way not seen since the earliest days of cinema. No longer do major studios and the few large independents have a monopoly on quality filmmaking.

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The Last Show is a feature film about a theatre director who brings his cast to the seclusion of an old country cottage in the Irish countryside to prepare for the following week’s opening. It examines the nature of jealousy, envy, resentment, the clash of egos and how that fades to insignificance when faced with the actors own mortality.

Cast members from The Last Show include Brian Fortune (Game Of Thrones) as the frustrated yet passionate director desperate for his actors to remain focused and professional. Rita Marie Lawlor (Apollo Music Club) plays the part of Stella who’s in a conflicted relationship with the irritatingly little brother-esque, character of Jack – played by Jeff Doyle (Jack And Ralph Plan A Murder), a fitness fanatic who shares a close bond with peace-keeping. dope-smoking Bobby, played by Johnny Elliott (Charlie Casanova). Rory Mullen (Hunger) plays the notoriously womanising Richie and Andrea Coyne (Psychic Sue) features as Richie’s long-suffering girlfriend, Cynthia while Mirjana Rendulic (Watershed) is Richie’s long-suffering mistress, Vicky.

The film was written and directed by Rita Marie Lawlor for RML Films and shot on RED in one location at the Calabona cottage in Arklow County Wicklow, over eight and a half days in May 2014. The 80-minute film made its premier at Indie Cork Film Festival Ireland in October 2015.  

Style and pace of the film:
I wanted to shoot this film entirely in one location and bring a mix of volatile personalities into one melting pot. Wide locked off shots, handheld, and shots from behind to enhance the feeling that the audience are somewhat prying, with the levels of intensity coming to blows in the third act. The door frames act as barriers, frames within frames creating a distance, mirrors and reflections also knocking on doors and sneaking. Claustrophobic shots used to create a certain sense of invasion of living in a packed house to create a fly on the wall of what is really going on; initially the focal point of the story is an affair that's going on, making the actual theatre show the backdrop to the film. Jealousy and insecurities play a part on many levels but it also looks into the psychological desperation when someone is pushed so far and what they will do to stop their partner from cheating. The metaphorical very last shot of the record player – a life has ended but the world keeps spinning. Finding solitude in a quiet ambient part of the country side, Damien feels this is the best way for his actors to embrace their rehearsals and to fully prepare for the big show. In a diverse mix we see such beauty outside in the gardens and such ugliness inside the house  with falseness and pretence spiced up with egos and agent boasting.

The Last Show details and pictures can be found on Facebook!.