In Production and post production:


Short:  This Bus Stop - Drama set entirely at a bus stop full of different characters coming and going . Des is a lonely middle aged man who has no one to talk to properly until he meets a like minded soul, Maggy. 

Short:  Six Pack & Crack  Shane is just 16 and has a huge responsibility to carry. His mother Val, works in the local shop but is also dealing with alcohol and drug addiction in it's early stages, which is fast becoming out of control with her partner Joe. Will Shane end up following in the footsteps? Or will be be forced to take some drastic action? . The film is now doing the festival run.

Six Pack & Crack reached the finals of the Waterford Film Festival Screenplay Competition, November 2015. 

In Development:

Feature:  Butterfly-  A dark drama. Bronagh is the manager of a welding company. When she catches her husband - Jim - a high flying lawyer in a sordid act, she decides to take matters into her own hands with disastrous consequences (Writer: Rita-Marie Lawlor). 

Feature:  Little House On The Corner - A black comedy drama based on the ups and downs of a working class family, the McEvoys, from Dublin and the drama that unfolds with the somewhat "innocent and loveable but keeps ending up in trouble" type, Toby. 
(Writer: Rita-Marie Lawlor).

In the pipeline:

Feature: Camera Club- Julie Mel and Kelly form a friendship at a local camera club. Bored with their day to day jobs and lives they decide to take to the road for a photographic adventure. However it's not only images they capture along this journey, as they find themselves mixing with interesting yet bizarre folk from flashers in the woods, to haunted castles and strange bars. They find out a lot more about each other and indeed, about themselves. When they are involved with a tragic event, their adventure takes a turn for the worst, leaving them heading to Belfast for desperate help from Kelly's wayward friend, Saul. (Writer: Rita-Marie Lawlor)

Short: Think - An animal rights script which takes a look into the fur trade, the meat trade, animal experimentation and how people are in the dark about what is really going on and the lack of animal welfare. "You can't tell people what to do - but you can encourage them to think,  to take action and stand up for the voiceless". The script reached the finals at the Waterford Film Festival 2013. 
(Writer: Rita-Marie Lawlor)